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Where I was for sooo terribly long

 - Joe

Hi all! back again. I was on a ytm mission at Holy Family Parish in West Seattle. We all went around door-to-door in the various neighborhoods around Holy Family (divided into 6 "zones" to allow more efficiency). It went very well, especially for being the first of these in the Pacific Northwest if I understood correctly. there was also a mini "kids' camp" going on at the parish. Now here's the cool part. Before the thing started, imagine a small herd of daycare-injured, typical 2nd-3rd grade public school kids ( loud, making dumb jokes, and rather obnoxious). Over the course of the camp, imagine a HUGE transformation. Done imagining? Well that's exactly what happened. Also, Brother Aaron and Father Budke were there, so I gave Brother Aaron our URI. He said (and I quote)

"You'll get a lot of strange people with a name like that."
--Brother Aaron Vinduska

Anyway, he also woke me up to the fact that, (HELLO) I should get waaaaaaayyy more serious with the content of my posts. So, with that in mind, thanks Brother Aaron.

p.s. James if you're reading this, I told him about your blog too. Brother Aaron, the URI is


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