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My dog's better then your dog

 - Brian

In life, there are very simple facts that we all must face. Facts that we accept as part of life, right? Well, one of these facts has to do with the plain and simple fact that my dog is much better then your dog.

While your dog is sniffing the rear ends of other fury beasts, my dog is learning 23 tricks per second and getting paid for it as well. Just face it, your dog is not that bright.
Don't be too sad, it isn't your doing, it's just the way God made it. My dog, on the other hand, is 2 years old and can learn a complicated trick in about 5 minutes! Beat that, you. Plus, at 2 years old, you'd expect a dog to sort of "grow up" and lose its cuteness. Well, in my dog's case, he'll stay baby-cute for the rest of his intellectually advanced life.

To tell you the truth, your dog resembles The Elephant Man on a bad hair day. Ha! While your dog mindlessly fetches sticks for hours at a time, my dog realizes the stupidity of eating sticks.

Well, that's all I gotta say, so before you start ranting about how cool your dog is, think about how much cooler my dog is.

By the way, if you were offended by anything a said just now, then my dog truly is cooler then your dog.

Thank you and good night....


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