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Randomocity up in da' hizzy!

 - Brian

After 7 full days of hard work, Randomocity is finally up. Randomocity probably contains the sloppiest HTML ever typed on Microsoft Notepad, but it's still awesome nonetheless.

Click here to be randomized!

Let's get a few things straight:

Randomocity is NOT a personal blog, or a personal journal website. Randomocity has very little to do with me. It's simply a site dedicated to teaching the art of Randomocity (which is explained on the site), and I happen to be the webmaster. Savvy? Good...

There's not much on the site as of now, but there's a good 15-20 (or 60 if you're retarded) minutes worth of reading on it.
Also, I am not done with Randomocity, nor will I ever be. I'll continue to add content until I get bored of doing so.

Anyway, please link to it if you find it entertaining or educational.


P.S. If you find grammar or spelling errors on Randomocity, I couldn't care less. Misspelling stuff rules.


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