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 - Brian

Here's a list of what I'm giving up for Lent:

  • Nothing

That's right. I'm giving up absolutely nothing.

But what I am doing is working to break my millions of bad habits and trying to spend more time with God.

I don't see how not playing video games (which I don't do that often anyway), watching movies, or eating candy increases my spiritual state.

Of course, I'm not saying YOU shouldn't give anything up. That's your decision and you know yourself better than I do, so have fun.

It sometimes seems like people are in a competition to see how many things they can give up for Lent while forgetting the real purpose of fasting etc. I see people with lists of up to 50 things they're giving up, and many of those things aren't even relevant to what Lent is even about (i.e art, music, reading).
Lent is about increasing your spiritual strength for Easter, not giving stuff up just for the sake of giving stuff up.



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