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Father Corapi

 - Brian

My family and I attended some wonderful talks given by Fr. John Coropi, the famous (and in some eyes,infamous) preacher who tells it like it is.
I was so incredibly moved and inspired by his speeches. I don't see how anyone could honestly disagree with what Father Coropi said!

See, Fr. Corapi has earned 5 doctrinal degrees. He knows the Catholic Faith up and down, left and right. The funny thing is, however, he teaches the Catholic Faith at a kinder garden grade level. He believes that 99% of Catholics in America do not even know the basics of their faith. How right he is!
Many of his criticisms are aimed at the problems of Catholic Church (Not doctrinal errors, but just the misconduct of some of the members of the Catholic Church). He explains how the Catholic Church is weakening in some areas and how Catholics need to improve their faith.

I think Protestants and Catholics will both benefit through Fr. Corapi's talks.

Now, Fr. Corapi has done and seen it all. The story of his life is amazing. He explains how he should have died many times, but didn't (due to the intercession of God and the Blessed Virgin). He also talked about how he turned away from the Catholic Church in his young adulthood and how he turned back.

Fr. Coropi is an amazing person. Check out his website at here
Maybe Joe will explain some of his talks later.


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