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Vermont "Crazy" Teddy Bear offends 'dem crazy folks.

 - Brian

According to this news source, the new Vermont Teddy Bear has offended mental health advocates.

"The bear, wrapped in a white straitjacket with a red heart on the front, comes with commitment papers and is meant to convey out-of-control love, the company says."

Excuse me, but do you guys find any controversial material in this TEDDY BEAR?! What kind of moronic pansy would take offense to such an innocent thing?

"Mental health advocates consider the bear 'a tasteless use of marketing that stigmatizes persons with mental illness,'"

Oh sure, I bet all sorts of retarded people are speaking out against this object of hate. Not to mention the criminally insane. I bet they're just outraged.
It seems to me that the only mentally disabled people who took offense to this were the mental health advocates.


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