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Christine Gregoire feels threatned by Talk Radio.....She should be.

 - Pete

As I got up this morning fairly early, around 5:00 am, I rarely get up this early by the way, I flipped on the radio, and the David Bow show just happened to be on. I'd never heard him before; all I knew about him was that he was a conservative talk radio show host on talk 770 K.T.T.H. every morning at 5 am. And he's actually pretty good; he made some very good points. Anyway, as I'm listening to this guy, the topic is on this article in the Seattle Times news paper about how Democrat Christine Gregoire (the temporary governor of Washington State) received a death threat from this crazy guy named Jeff Martelli who was in a mental hospital at the time and had a life reputation of crime and felonies. Martelli was later arrested. So Gregoire is obviously scared and upset, but she makes this crazy and insane statement in a news conference at the capital, quote, "The level of discussion on some of this talk-show radio is believed to be a bit concerning," she said. Basically, Christine is inferring that conservative talk radio encourages listeners to send death threats to democrats. INSANE!!!!!!!! And I have the article from the Seattle Times right in front of me by the way.

Ok first, I'd like to say that Christine Gregoire is "temporary governor of Washington State" because the election is by far, not over. There were three voting counts if I recall. Republican Dinno Rossi won the first two but then Gregoire won the third by some 140 votes or something like that, and then inaugurated as governor. Since then there have been discoveries of several ballots that were cast by dead people for Christine Gregoire and the ballots that were sent to our troops over seas didn't get there in time to be included in the election. And so the republicans are fighting very hard now for a recount, which they should be, so that our own soldiers’ votes can be included, and liberals have the audacity to call this a fare and accurate election.

When Christine Gregoire said, "The level of discussion on some of this talk-show radio is believed to be a bit concerning," she was trying to blame the talk radio hosts (or more specifically, Conservative talk radio hosts) for the death threat on her family because she knows that conservative talk radio is mostly responsible for the discoveries of the cheating done by the democrats in this election.

And to top it all off, how does a crazy person that was in a mental hospital, have anything to do with talk radio anyway? That’s what I would like to know. I would also like to get your thoughts on this. Does Christine Gregoire have the right to make such a crazy statement, just because people are finding more evidence out there, that the democrats cheated in this election?


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