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Da law (w/ morality to boot!)

 - Joe

To quote Mark Shea "What on earth is law but legislated morality?" In his recent column, he put to shame the ever and anon used argument that "y'all can't legislate morality!"
As a matter of fact, he states, you can; and this is basically the only reason for law to exist in the first place.
For example, he cites traffic laws as a judgment that orderly transportation is "good" and disjointed vehicles free to "choose" as it were, their own future is decidedly "bad".
Now then, where can we apply this new-found knowledge? Well, for starters, let's follow the will of the people and abolish abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem-cell "research", any last vestiges of judicial tyranny, and most of all this embarrassing, counter-biological, counter-societal, marriage-destroying movement of gay "marriage". Help the poor, protect God's green earth, bolster the economy, and help those encumbered by oppression; those subject to dictators, and, almost as important, those subject to the anti-family juggernaut of the United Nations. With God's help (dear me, I said God again) we will build a better world, with morality(legislated as it always has been) as our central bulding block


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