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More brains result in a safer internet.

 - Brian

I have a very important announcement to make...ahem:

Teenage girls have no brains.
Thank you. You may all return to your homes.

Just the other day in the paper, a 14-yr-old girl decided to meet an online boy friend that she had never met in person. I forget most of the story, but she was either murdered, violated, or kidnapped.
When will they learn?
Don't they hear the stories about children who hook up with complete strangers? What's going through these girls brains (if they have any) when they decide to meet with total strangers without their parents consent?

By observing the behavior of the average teenage chick, I've decided what goes through their "minds."
Fist off, Sally meets a boy around her own age online (14). She schedules chats every Tuesday and Thursday night after school. She finds that they share the same opinions, ideas, and interests. She comes to like him and brags to her friends about her *new* online boy friend. He asks her to post a picture of herself in the chat room. He compliments her looks. She is flattered. He steals a picture off one of the BackStreet Boys of the internet and posts it for her to see. Being an idiotic 14-yr-old girl, she believes that it is him. He asks if they could meet somewhere. She arrives at the requested location. He doesn't show up. After waiting 15 minutes, a 47 year old autistic guy comes up behind her and coaxes her into his van with a piece of candy. He gets her into his van and drives off.

There. Now you know what happens, girls. No matter how charming you think he is, don't trust him. He'll always turn out to be a freak. For all you know he could be Michael Jackson...oh wait, I forgot, it's safe to meet Michael Jackson if you're a girl. He'll leave you alone. But just play it safe and don't trust anyone.

To the Parents

If you lost a daughter to an online chat room thing, don't blame it on internet safety, blame on the IQ of that girl.
After all, more brains result in a safer internet.


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