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"Mercy" me...

 - James

I realize three posts (at least) in succesion have already been made here about this topic, but, well...

Terri Schiavo's dead. What, exactly, does this mean? Does this mean that America's respect for human life has dropped yet another notch? Wait, not so fast. I, personally, find the issue of euthanasia very sticky, unlike abortion, which is clearly wrong (yes, it is. Deal with it).

I'm sure that many of the people out there who were rooting for Terri's euthanisation were doing that because they truly felt it was in her best interest. I mean, seriously, who wants to make the poor woman live on when she didn't want to? Or did she? Sure, her husband said she did, but I think there's some evidence out there suggesting he's a slimeball. Ponder this...

Euthanasia is supposed to deliver someone from pain, by simply killing them. Michael Schaivo was obviously calling for her euthanisation; for her painless release. But if this was the case, why was she killed through the very painful process of starvation? I'm seriously curious; I find that puzzling. If she was to be painlessly killed, why was it through starvation, as opposed to just giving her a pill and making it truly quick and painless?
Another thing. If this was such a merciful solution to the problem, why was Terri denied any visitors at all while she starved to death, why was she denied any consolation at all, not even ice chips? Why is it that the only people there with her as she lay dying were police?

Something is seriously twisted here. Her parents weren't allowed to see her at all while she died; they were only allowed into her room five minutes after her death. And I just read they won't be allowed to go to her burial site. Michael Schaivo says that this is because he doesn't want them to turn the burial into a "media spectacle". I find that to be BS. Considering that he just got their daughter killed, you'd think he'd at least have the decency to let them attend the burial. Nope. Michael Schaivo's lawyer said this of his intentions behind all the denials of visitors and such:

"Mr. Schiavo's overriding concern was that Mrs. Schiavo die in peace ... in an atmosphere of love and not acrimony,"

Die in peace...then why did he do all the things I mentioned above??? Starving to death in a hospital room, without relatives, without consolation or help, with no one but cops, doesn't strike me as peaceful. What the lawyer said doesn't help Michael's case at all, it just makes it look more fishy. What, exactly, was Mr. Schiavo doing here?

According to Scott, Michael's brother:
“This isn’t over by a long shot, We’re going to get our name right. The world is going to know who Mike was, they’re going to know Mike wasn’t a beast.”

Gonna have to work hard to do that; I, for one, am not convinced.


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