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And the Blog Hogger Jackball Award Goes To:

 - Brian

secondstring! Congrats, my friend! Because of your obvious lack of intelligence, you have now been given the honorary title of "jackball." Way to go.

first off, all i was trying to say was that you cant distinguish one acheivment from another, be it in art, music, business or athletics. Also, *ss, every pro football player went to college, its just a fact. By the way, flipping through this blog right now i just realized that your like.....15. Are you dead **cking serious? You write all this **it about involved issues and you know nothing about the world. I garuntee that the only "experience" you have is from your parents and your church. Close your ***ing mouth and open your mind.

Yeah everyone! Secondstring has returned. This time, he's judging my intelligence and knowledge of the world by my age. Way to go, tool.
First off, I'm 13. Sorry to disappoint you. Surprised? Yeah, so am I. And if you looked around this blog a bit more, you would have realized that we're all a bunch of teens. Even most of our commentators.
1. Unlike you, we don't need to do drugs and leave stupid comments on kids' blogs to gain knowledge of this world.
We read news papers, find controversial topics, research them, look at both sides of the argument, and then pick a side. Also, it seems that your spelling and grammar don't have much experience in this world either.
2. "Open your mind." Oh, wait, I forgot. If I don't advocate the slaughter of millions of babies, advocate the destruction of marriage, worship sports, and leave half-thought out comments on blogs, then I must not have an opened mind. Typical liberal.
Well, my friend, once I create a suitable BH Jackball Award image, I'll let you know so you can print it out and pin it to your bedroom door.
Chill, man. :)


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