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Coming Out: Where I stand

 - Joe

Well, in case I haven't been totally clear about my position on things (or simply as a refresher course for y'all after my lenten "sabbatical"), I have decided to "open up" and show where I stand on a handfull of issues.

Coffee: All for it! Viva la Java, Man!

Iraq: I am against the Iraq coalition. Many people seem to have forgotten that the Pope is against this mess too. The Catholic Church's "just war" doctrine is dependent on the exhaustion of all types of diplomacy, for one thing. I also have other reasons for not supporting this war, but I would bore you to death were I to list all of them, but it all comes down to the fact that I believe nobody should have their life taken unless they are fighting for justice, and I've just told you why they aren't.

Death Penalty: Currently being used only for revenge. Capital punishment should only be used if the prisoner cannot be held from terrorizing society any other way. There are two reasons for holding prisoners: to keep society safe from malefactors and the rehabilitation of the offender.

Abortion: Never. Like I said, nobody should have their life taken. Also, there is plenty of science to disprove any claims that an unborn human is a "clump of tissue". In this way I resemble our conservative brethren.

Euthanasia: "Unplugging" people because they don't live up to somebody's standards of usefullness is evil. Seniors are not tools to be disarded when they cannot "operate", they are PEOPLE, people!

Homosexual "marriage": against the natural order. Humans are made to fit together in male/female pairs, not male/male or female/famale. That's speaking from a purely physical (anatomical) point.

Bottom line? I'm balanced. I certainly agree that we need to protect the planet, because where else can we live? I also agree that there's a bias in the news media (that includes Fox and CNN)! When it really comes down to it my vote goes to God.




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