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How Dare They

 - Brian

My blood is boiling dramatically right now. I have estimated that in the next 5 minutes, my blood will reach 4872 degrees.
I am so upset with the liberals of America. Why do they stand for such insanity? Listen, I've tried to open my mind a little and see things from their perspective, but I just can't. Michael Savage is right. Liberalism is a mental disorder. Plain and simple. If it wasn't, then try to explain this:

Yesterday, Terri Shiavo's feeding tube was removed. Thus beginning the long procedure of starving to death. Yes, the judge ordered her to be murdered -- In cold blood. Seriously now, we've get senators trying to save Terri's life. We've got hundreds of life-respecting individuals trying to save her life, and yet ONE JUDGE....just ONE JUDGE orders her to be starved to death. We don't even starve criminals, and here they are trying to starve a brain-damaged women!
Yesterday, I was up in my bed listening the The Savage Nation, almost in tears, when I decided that liberalism must be a mental disorder.
Why are so many liberals trying to justify the starvation of Terri Schiavo? WHY?! They're the first ones to stand up for a mass murderer on death row, but they can't stand up for an innocent women?! This is satanic. How dare they.

How dare they try to compare the President of The United States of America to a nazi for trying to spread democracy throughout the world and for trying including a little decency in today's society. How dare they.

How dare they try to disguise the slaughter of thousands of innocent babies as a simple "choice." How dare they.

How dare they dare they try to destroy the values and traditions of America by legalizing gay-'marriage.' How dare they.

How dare they try to completely dispose of Christianity in today's society. How dare they.

Get out of my country, you freaks. Lay off and stay out, or I'll lead an armed revolution until EVERY LAST STINKING LIBERAL IS IN PRISON.

I am dead serious about this.


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