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A Different way to look at it.

 - Psychomancer

Terri Schiavo

The first time I heard about it I didn’t think anything about it. Now that I’m looking around on the net I’m hearing more about it, I figured that being a good netcitizen/contributor person I should add a new search result for it.

Ok so she’s been a vegetable for 15 years. Hmmmm and the cadaver has/had a husband. However you want to think about that one. As well as parents that are dick heads and some F'ed up senators that happen to be republicans.
Ok let’s look at this in a nice little list.

1. I’m sure her husband doesn’t like the sight of his wife's body merely existing and breathing. It would be nice if he could give her a special burial.

2. If you believe in an after life. Then there are normally 2 different views about the soul.

2.A. The soul is tied to the mind and can not the death of the body itself. If that is true then they are merely keeping a cadaver breathing and spending tax money and wasting air time. Let the lady just die so that people can move on in life.

2.B. The soul is tied to the living and breathing body. If this is true then they have trapped this ladies soul in her body for 15 years merely so they would feel good about keeping her "alive". Why not let her die and go to heaven?? Where’s the downside to that?? There is no reason to keep her alive. She isn’t coming back.

3. If you aren’t religious then you probably don’t believe in an after life at all.
Therefore the only reasons to keep her alive would be because someone loves her, she can be a productive member of society, she might make it, or the one that seems the most prevalent right now, to push a political agenda.

3.A. Love transcends dimensions. Not like she’s doing an reciprocating anyways.

3.B. She isn’t being productive at all. Actually she’s being counter productive. Retarded laws and media time and taxes have been spent when they shouldn’t have been.

3.C. It’s been 15years. She isn’t making it.

3.D. The political agenda is to show that republicans care or something like that. I have no idea. But this is all about her damn parents that don’t wanna move on in life and act like poopy diapered old people that want to whine about something that they have no control over.

She would have died later anyways. No one survives life right? Why would you want to be kept on machines for eternity in a brain dead state feeling nothing. Thinking nothing. Being kept alive merely to satisfy her brain dead parents.


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