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Are You a Pretentious Athiest? Take this test to find out.

 - Brian

You are a conceited, pretentious athiest jackball if you do any of the following:

___Refer to Christians as being mindless zombies who blindly follow their faith.

___And then turn around and state evolution as a fact.

___Claim that the Catholic Church is afraid of science and then refer to an incident that occurred a couple hundred years ago.

___Think you're too smart to believe in God.

___Make idiotic statements like, "Christians are racist because they depict Jesus as being a blond haired, blue eyed person."

___Claim that the belief in God has no credibility what so ever.

___Set up straw men and knock them down to boost your ego.

___Become a member of the Queer Crippled Alliance.

___Disagree with anything we say.

There. Print this out and hand it to random people on the street. Then tell them to submit the results to

Thank you.


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