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March For LIFE!

 - Brian

Ah, yes. The annual March For Life took place yesterday, and Joe and I attended. We've always taken a bus with our friends to Olympia (the capitol), but unfortunately, the bus was full. So we improvised. Anyway, Joe and I ended up taking another bus populated by old folks. It was...tasty (they offered us lots of candy, okay).
Anyway, after a relatively long drive, we finally arrived at the capitol. At first, Joe was shocked at how few people there were. We figured it was because of the garbage weather we've been experiencing, but things quickly changed.
After wondering the capitol building for a while, we stepped outside only to discover hundreds/thousands of pro-lifers getting off the buses! That was awesome, I must say.
Anywhoooo, everyone gathered at the steps of the capitol buildings and listened to inspirational speeches. Like every March For Life, there's always a counter-demonstration group ready and willing to interrupt prayers, cuss at us, and flip us off. To tell you the truth, it doesn't bother me at all, mainly because it just shows the true face of abortion: Hateful, bitter, and angry.
By the way, there were like, 25 counter-demonstrators against at least 3 thousand pro-lifers. Oh, and the pro-abortionists looked something like this:

As you can guess, most of the pro-abortionists consisted of goths, aging hippies, and bums. I especially liked the sign held by some fat old woman that said, “Keep your hands off my ovaries!” Don’t worry, ma’am, I’m not getting anywhere near those.

All in all, I was glad I went. Maybe Joe will give a more indepth description of the event.



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