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interesting happenings

 - Joe

Yesterday I was with some of the best kids in the world at Youth for Life, which is a group that meets monthly to discuss life issues, then party it up until morning. The party part, by the way, is just playing basketball and drinking pop 'til you explode. So I thought.

Last night, I finished another wonderful night, and my dad picked me up to take me home. As we were about to leave, a police officer taps my window. I roll it down, wondering what parking law we could have broken, and how much the fine would be. It turns out it was nothing like that.

Cop: Evening, Sir. You come to pick up you son from the party? (he says "party" with an evil leer)

Dad: Yep.

Cop (eyes me critically): What all's going on in there, son?

Me: Well, it's a Catholic pro-life youth group called Youth for Life.

Cop (frown neither receding nor leaving): hmmmmm... so it's Church oriented?

Dad: basically.

Cop: Okay, because the complaint that I got was that there's an alcohol party going in there.

(dad and I burst out laughing. The cop appears dead serious.)

Dad (still laughing): uh-uh.

The cop figured we were telling the truth, but went up to the house anyway to make sure that there wasn't anything wrong happening. Guess what? there wasn't. Still, that was an interesting night.


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