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Networking sucks

 - Joe

Hey, all.

Recently we obtained Verizon DSL. I should say my dad obtained it, and the rest of us chafed under the prevailing dictatorship of dial-up. Then, dad gave in to our unreasonable demands, and we set about networking our two internet-ready computers. We bought a router, two ethernet cables, vodka for dad and three square pounds of prozac for me, then dived in headfirst into the mass of ugly cables and peripherals mysteriously termed "the back". After emplacing cards, cables, and other hardware in both computers and getting appointments with therapists, we eagerly turned on our older computer for the umpteenth time. triumph shone in our faces as we knew that we had at last beaten the sadistic hunk of metal (people may say that computers don't have souls, but something's making our computer hate us). We logged on to the computer. We waited breathlessly as the desktop loaded. I pressed (windows)+R to open the "run" dialog box and typed in "IExplore.exe" Internet Explorer loaded, and dad and I exchanged high fives. However, it was back to prozac and vodka in a few seconds as our connection was nonexistent. we fired up DOS and typed in "netstat -a" to discover suprisingly that we were in fact connected to the internet. No two people ever wanted to kill Paul Allen more (although we prevented ourselves because he's the current owner of the Seahawks, who are going to the Superbowl [which has probably occurred because plug-and-play pray doesn't exist in football]).
After many attempts (most notably with our Chinese friend Peng) to rectify our problems, we ended up trashing our old computer, which Peng is now attempting to repair.

Networking sucks, my friends.
Don't say I didn't warn you.


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