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Things I don't give a smack about...

 - Brian

NOTE: Just needed to get some rants off my chest...what better place to do that than here?


Around a month ago, I was loafing around on the couch, contemplating my coolness, when I decided that I would watch as less news a possible. My mom's always saying, "Read the newspaper! Watch news on TV! You need to be informed on the recent happenings of today." No I don't. Why? Because nothing interesting happens anymore.
9/11, the Pope stories (I'm sure many of you would disagree), and the Schiavo disaster were the last news stories worth spending ten minutes of your time to observe. Now every time I turn on Fox News (which I thoroughly hate) it's some boring abduction story. Who cares? That's funny, they'll cover a story about some girl you never heard of before...ever, but they won't cover me. Why not? That's funny, I remember I got lost in a shopping mall around 5 years ago, and never got any news coverage. In a matter of fact, I think Fox News should have a 3-hour news segment on me. At least 50 people read my thoughts a day, unlike other bratty 8 year olds who fall for the "get into my truck and I'll give you candy" routine.

Then there's the war in Iraq. This is driving me insaner than my current insanity. I used to pay close attention to the war, like when we were making progress down there, but now, every time I turn on the news, it's "3 Marines killed yesterday." We are making NO progress in Iraq at this moment, and that's how it's going to be until we actually do SOMETING! This whole war is baked in politics and other nonsense. It's just making me depressed.

I'm also sick and tired of reading and listening to celebrity news. When are women and metrosexual girly guys going to realize that celebrities are not living a real life? They are excluded from reality; they have no idea what they're doing. Oh my goodneth, Jolie'th adopting another child...whoop-whoop. Poor kid's gonna grow up spoiled and out of touch with reality. Seriously, I loathe people who pay attention to celebrity news.

The worst part about celebrity coverage is that celebrities get to have their opinions public too easily. The moment a celebrity lack-a-brain spews his/her liberal "Bush lied" opinion, people act like the celebrity's some great philosopher/intellectual or something. I just want to light a tree on fire. AHHHHHGGGG!

There. Glad I'm done with that...


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