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 - Brian

Wuz happenin' down in da' hood, yo?

Ahem -- well then. I just wanted to share with you my thoughts on some interesting stuff I bought/want to buy and a video game that I recently rented.

Destroy All Humans Whew! That was refreshing! This is one of the most hilarious games I've played in a while now. I rented it for the Xbox and let me tell you, this game will have you glued to your TV for hours! Just think Grand Theft Auto, only you're a little space dude who is out to take over the world all by himself! Destroy All Humans is basically a spoof of the 50's B-movie classics. You go around collecting brains, destroying buildings, and levitating people with your PK abilities. I highly recommend it for people who don't mind a little gross-out humor.

ROME: TOTAL WAR This is the best RTS (real time strategy) game I've ever played. You take control of some of Rome's major historical battles. You can command up to at least 50,000 units on the map! The AI (artificial intelligents) is so good in this game that the History Channel uses TOTAL WAR to demonstrate historical battles. If you like Age of Empires or Starcraft, you're gonna love this one!

New SOAD cd-Mezmerize I recently purchased Mezmerize, the new System of a Down album. It's got some really awesome noise on it. I wouldn't say it's as good as the Toxicity album, but it's still pretty solid.
For some reason, Ivan and I really enjoy SOAD's "music." Maybe because it has an interesting and original sound to it, I dunno. I'm not even sure what their message is (the lyrics make NO sense, trust me). I just think they sound cool...

My coolness Yes, I finally discovered how cool I am.

That's it; if you recommend any random stuff to anyone, just leave a comment...


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