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I, too am back

 - Joe

Hello, everybody.

I am extremely glad to have returned safely from Camp . I have been blessed to attend it these past three years and look forward to doing it again. Whoo-wee, that was a rush! The new enjoyments included:

  • There were two preists and three brothers this year, and it was utter Sweet Sauce!
  • I was a junior counselor this year, and I got to keep secrets from everyone (including Brian and James)
  • The food was excellent
  • The spiritual talks were excellent
  • Almost everyone knew about Bloghogger (80 kids attended!)
  • The mass was Holy. Not this watered down, liberal mush we've endured for a while
  • I got a tan!!!!
All in all, it was the best of times. I only hope the worst of times stay far away.

Oh, and Sanchez, your brothers say I'm the type of person you hate (????)

Joe (known in some circles as J-mac or "you")


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