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Coming out where I stand

 - Pete

I would like to make clear that when I say that the liberal democrats don’t mention anything about the Mexican border, the republicans don’t either. I will not defend the Bush administration anymore. I don’t label myself as a Repub anymore, I am strictly independent and don’t support any particular party. You can call me liberal, conservative, republican, democrat, independent, pro-war, or anti-war, liberal fascist, conservative fascist, right wing and left wing, a stupid nut job, what ever the hell you want. I don’t care. These are my views, whether you like it or not:


Abortion is wrong and any catholic or Christian should know better. But despite that, you don’t have to be religious to know this, for all of the scientific proof says that the fetus inside the womb is a living human being. And since killing people is wrong in a humane society, why should it be justified to kill a living fetus? The answer is: its not justified and anyone who thinks it is should be thrown out of the country or put on the frontlines of Iraq, which brings me too:

Iraq and the War on Terrorism

To be quite honest with you, I still don’t understand why the liberals of today will spend all of there time during the day, protesting through the streets against the Iraq War. How many times do you have to lay out the facts?! The U.S. was hit big on 9/11 by the terrorists the same way Japan hit Pearl Harbor, except the terrorists didn’t where uniforms. Instead, they cowardly snuck on to huge passenger planes, hijacked them, and suicide crashed into the world trade center, killing thousands of people. The terrorists started this damn war! So, it was time to act quickly. And indeed we did. Now, some people will bring into play the stupid argument that Bush ordered the CIA to find or make up a reason to go into Iraq so he could get revenge on Saddam Hussein. And Bush might have. I’m not going to waste my time defending the president. Not every man is honest. But, the fact is that almost every intelligence agency in the world, including our own, said that Saddam Hussein was possessing WMD’s. And since Saddam Hussein wouldn’t let the inspectors do their job, we had no choice but to invade Iraq ourselves. Also, some people might throw out the other stupid argument “Why don’t we invade North Korea, they’ve got weapons of mass destruction?” the answer is, that after the first gulf war there was an agreement between the U.S. and Iraq that Iraq was not to possess WMD’s. Did we have one of these agreements with North Korea? Answer: NO. North Korea still has the right to contain WMD’s. But we should still keep our eyes on North Korea, and make sure that they don’t do anything incredibly stupid like start some kind of Nuclear War with us. But I doubt that they will do that because we would bomb the hell out of them before they could realize that they made a mistake. Now, some people may also say, “Well, why would Iraq nuke us since we would bomb the burgesses out of them?” Answer: They probably wouldn’t, but they could sell the nukes to Al Qaeda. And Al Qaeda would use them on us, no hesitation. You see what I mean you dim-witted liberals? If you don’t, then I can’t help you. Now, there’s also no question that the Bush administration did a terrible job planning out the War. For instance, we went in and got Saddam Hussein, then what? What Bush, did you think this would be a simple snatch and abstract? Don’t tell me that you didn’t think you would stir up a hornets nest. I was all for your decision, but you couldn’t have planed the aftermath as worse as your administration did. We have to secure the country and set up a democracy as soon as possible, and then leave. After that, we should put all our efforts into destroying al Qaeda and capturing Osama Bin Laden.

Pop Culture

I like pop culture the way it is today. I’m a big fan of movies, music, the styles of clothes people wear these days, video games, the food, everything, it’s all good. I find that a lot of conservatives will spend a whole day griping about how much they think its shocking the way kids these days play video games, see movies like WAR OF THE WORLDS, or listen to music like Eminem. Just shut the heck up and get a life, ok! Just incase you haven’t noticed, were living in the 21st century, not the 17th century!

Gay Marriage

To tell you the truth, this is one of the hardest issues for me to decide on. Half of me say being a Catholic it is immoral for guys to get hitched, but another half of me says it is a free country and not everybody is catholic. Now, you might say “Well why doesn’t Pete feel the same way about abortion?” Because abortion is murder you can’t compare abortion to gay marriage. I debate this issue all most every day in my head. Perhaps someone can convince me to think one way or the other.

Hollywood and celebrities thinking they can have an opinion in politics

This is the one thing I’m really getting sick of. I like Hollywood for their movies and that’s it. They’re best known for living out of reality in there unrealistic movies, but entertaining movies, they have no need to share their stupid unrealistic views on the world. I don’t need you idiot Michael Moore’s of the world and Tom Cruise’s to tell me that Bush is equivalent to Adolph Hitler. That just tells me how out of touch you are with reality and the truth. I like to watch your movies and that is what you’re paid for, but please, keep your unintelligent, out of reach from reality opinions to yourself.

Females get to pay less for their car insurance then males

What?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who ever invented that rule is indeed a feminist and a sexist!


Sure, there’s no question that people are fat in this country and need to get off their buts and exercise more. But personally I’m getting sick of all these people out there who try to make all these laws and regulations about food diets and come up with all of these stupid programs to tell people how to treat their own body. You think that they don’t know that they’re fat?! You might have forgotten, but we do live in a free country. If people want to get fat, let um get fat. All you dictators of the world can just shut the heck up!

The Environment

I am an environmentalist myself, we don’t need you stupid republicans cutting down every tree that exists, and polluting our air with those damn SUV’s, because your to stubborn to put out the hybrids. But I’m also not a radical environmentalist. We can afford to lose a few trees; I mean where the heck do you think you get all of your houses, baseball bats, tables, chairs, and desks? I also think that we should drill up in Alaska for oil so we don’t have to be so reliant on other countries like Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The whole state of Alaska is one huge glacierized forest. Come on, it can afford to lose a few trees.

Well, I think that is about it. I can’t think of any other issues right now, so be happy with what you got. Oh, and by the way, I won’t be able to read your generous comments for a while because my computer at home does not currently have access to the internet so I have to rely on the computer at my local library. And the computer at my local library is so old and junky that it can’t show the comment bar, just incase you were wondering why I haven’t responded to any of your comments in the past, if you’ve left any.

Well I guess that pretty much raps it up, Hilary has my vote in 2008………NOT!!!!


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