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War of the Worlds

 - Brian

Whew! I've been quite the little moviegoer lately. Today, it just so happens I went to see War of the Worlds starring Tome Cruise. It was beautiful, I must say.

The plot is that of the previous installment of War of the Worlds. Aliens undergo an awesome invasion of the world. Everything descends into total chaos. Millions of people run in terror...etc..etc...

The only difference between the 1950's version of the movie and this version of the movie is the obviously beautiful special effects and the cast.

Tom Cruise plays a typical New York citizen juggling his ex-wife's/his children and his job. And then New York is obliterated. The rest is left to your imagination (provided you haven't seen the movie yet, duh).

The positives

The acting in this movie was phenomenal. If it wasn't for Cruise, this movie would have been nothing.
Not to mention the fantastic special effects. In a matter of fact, I'll go as far as to say that these were some of the most realistic effects I've ever seen in a movie...Honestly.
Also, Spielberg wasn't afraid to kill off 1 billion people in this movie. It takes a real man to squeeze 1 billion deaths into one 2 hour film. Hehehe.


Other than the fact that there were a couple VERY unlikely parts (excluding aliens destroying the world), this movie was pretty much flawless (for a mindless destruction flick).

Anywayz, this movie is the kind of movie you wanna see in the theatres. Don't wait until it comes out on DVD. It won't be worth it. Besides, the only people who skip seeing good movies in theatres and wait until they come out on DVD are liberals, mainly because liberals are so stupid. You don't want to be a liberal now, do you?

I'll give this movie an 8.5 for the acting and special effects.

P.S, please dont blame me 4 thu bad speling and grammer, cuz im tired rite nwo.


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