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The Rolling Stones = Washed UP!

 - Brian

I'm sorry, but the Super Bowl's halftime show was garbage. The Rolling Stones? Please...

How low have we actually set the bar? C'mon now, people. Everyone assumes that because The Rolling Stones have a couple of hits and they're over a 1000 years old, they should be qualified to show up at every major televised event. People are always dealing out titles for The Rolling Stones such as, "ROCK LEGENDS!" and "Classic ROCK!!!" A more fitting title would be, "Washed up and worn out!" Since when have people considered 70-year-old men in black crop tops with wretched screeching voices "Legends?"
Something else that bugs me is The Rolling Stone's overly pretentious attitude, but we can get into that later.
The Stones are dying. They're so old, they're running out of fans (you can only live for so long). If they wish to revive their once existent coolness, they should reach out to the teens across America.

Actually, if The Rolling Stones really wanted to appeal to the newer generation, they'd change their trademark image to this:

Yes, that's right: They would get that giant monstrosity pieced. That way, they could prove that they're open-minded and liberated.

The Rolling Stones suck.

p.s, sorry for grammar errors and crap, I'm tired and lazy.


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