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HALO: Combat in pixels

 - Brian

Hello y'all. Recently, I went over to my friend Ivan's house to do an assortment of pointless things for no particular reason. But, when I got there, his dad said he went over to my other friends house. Why am I telling you this? No reason.
Well, anyway, I found Ivan chatting with Wil(myotherfriend). Then I noticed Wil recently purchased an XBox. One thing was passing through my mind at that second, "HALO!!!!!!".
If you don't know, Halo is one of the many popular XBox games that has everyone excited. It's one of those "First Person Shooter" games.
Anyhow, Once I realized that he had attained an XBox, I suddenly shouted out, "Yo Wil, Let's play some Halo!!!". That seemed OK with Ivan, so we did.

After a couple hours of non-stop computer-generated shooting, I thought having an XBox would be sort of cool (with Halo of course).

Before I go any farther, I would like to point out some of Halo's features:

Many Different Weapons: TONS of fully functional weapons at your disposal.

An assortment of Vehicles: There are many different aircraft and ground vehicles which have really cool guns.

Cool A.I: The A.I in this game is REALLY cool! Your fellow marines are not just a bunch of stupid pixels thrown together, but are smart and react to specific actions that occur in the game.

Cool, huh? Well, anyway, after a few hours, Ivan's dad came other and said it was time for Ivan and I to go. That means that I had to leave my beloved Halo and return home to complete and utter boredom. As I wiped the tear from my eye, I thought to myself, "Gotta get an Xbox!".

So it all comes down to, "Does anyone know a place where I can get an Xbox for cheap?"

If you don't tell me, I'm gonna have to go steal it from Wil.


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