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where has the time gone???

 - Joe

Sorry, long time, no post. Any how, I do have somehing good this time.

In a certain school, there was a kid named "Jimmy".This kid had a problem about using swear words. His teacher noticed this, and she tried to remedy this. one day, he got a hall pass to go to the bathroom. While he was thus occupied, his teacher informed the class, "the next time Jimmy swears, all of us, myself included, will make a mad dash for the hall." Then she gave everyone an assignment. the were to report back to her on the different buildings being worked on in their respective neighborhoods.
the next day, the children reported back to her sucessfully. "what type of building are they working on in your neighborhood,julie?"
"a movie theater!"
"very good. what about you, Jimmy?"
the teacher and everybody else ran into the hall.
"wait!"yelled Jimmy,"it's not open yet!"


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