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 - Brian

The last entry I posted was on May 23, and now it's MAY 27! Blah! Man, I've really been neglecting my blog (and my school) lately. Sorry...

Well, anyways, on Friday (tomorrow), Joe will be coming over here to my house and spending a couple hours of non-stop gaming and other intellectually healthy activities. Sounds fun, eh? Well, he'll probably have a chance to post something interesting (he always does). I also requested he bring over some of his cool Java Script projects so that we can share them with you folks out there.

That is all for right now. Expect some more educational material tomorrow evening.

Something else

Joe made a pretty good point a few days ago over the phone:

Since John Kerry supports abortion and gay marriage, then by voting for Chin-Boy, you are also supporting the same stuff HE'S supporting. Think about that for a minute, all you Catholics out there~:(l)

GO John Kerry!!!


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