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John Kerry Is So Full of It!!

 - Brian

Yes, you've probably gathered that I am a conservative Catholic who is 100% against abortion, gay marriage, etc.....
That means that I will not support anyone who supports what I'm 100% against(whew!). If you're still lost, I'm trying to say that I will not say anything nice about John Kerry. Sure, he's not as bad as Clinton, but he's still got enough problems for me to go ape on little children (that's how mad I get...Just Kidding).

It's so apparent that he is trying to get the votes of Christian conservatives who don't know any better. By the way, he calls himself a Catholic just for political reasons...I bet he hasn't gone to church in about 19 years.
Oh, and yeah, don't forget to go to his "about page" at It really tries to emphasize that he's a Catholic. In a matter of fact, Kerry is about as Catholic as the hair ball my cat threw up last week (no joke).
Ahhh yes, I almost forgot, all of you folks who think that Kerry is going to pull the troops out of Iraq the minute he's elected, well, I'm sorry. He has no intention of pulling anything out of that little sand trap we call Iraq - he's just gonna do things HIS way.
I also can't believe that he has the nerve to call his fellow soldiers rapists, and other things.
What were you doing while you're fellow soldiers were being shot up by AK-47s? I'll bet you were down in your stupid fox-hole while smoking something illegal while drinking your third can of beer, when all of a sudden, one of your beer cans fell down a hill, shortly followed by you. While running, you tripped on a log and broke your leg.

That's how I think John Kerry won his Purple Heart. *hehehehe*

I'm telling you, the minute Kerry is elected, I'm gonna go run a battle tank into a gasoline station and see what happens (i'm kidding). That'll be the day!

That's enough ranting for 1 day! Bye.


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