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Hog Hole News: ~News From the Font~

 - Brian

An 8th grade teacher is on paid leave for asking one of here students to "punch" an "outa control" student in the face, all because he was causing trouble for the class and the teacher. Also, the student was put on detention for assaulting a class mate. The teacher takes all the blame.

Minneapolis advertising firms have rejected Pro-life billboards/advertisements because they contain the word "abortion," yet they support and promote pro-abortion ads, even though it uses the word "abortion." One of the pro-life billboards features actress Jennifer O'Neal and reads: "I regret my abortion, if you do too, there's help" and tells readers to call a 24-hour help line. Clear Channel rejected the add and sent an email saying, "We've finally had the opportunity to show your design to the general manager, and unfortunately we can't accept it".

Time now for an editorial comment brought to you by: Brian
Ok, that's just a bunch of crud!
That was an editorial comment brought to you by: Brian

This has been Hog Hole News: News from the Font

P.S These TRUE stories and are not made up.


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