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Blah, Blah...

 - Brian

I have yet to discover an interesting news article to comment on. I have yet to discover an interesting (or shocking) blog to criticize or promote. Life is rather boring these days, wouldn't you say? I logged on to Fox, but all that displayed on the home page was boring war information.
I DON'T have ANYTHING to post about! I'm in the ultimate stuck! What am I to do?

May I ask for anyone's help? Or is that a crime...?

How 'bout someone email me an interesting "something" they have found (NOTE: interesting in your eyes). Email me


I'm attempting to invite Sponsz to Blog Hogger.

Also Also

You all have probably checked out Sorry, you've seen pictures of people holding signs that call President Bush a war-monger. Well, if I understand correctly, John Kerry was going to carry on with the war (motivated by his own mysterious agenda of course).

Also Also Also

Check out James's new blog at here.


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