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Attack Of The Christmas Haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 - Pete

That’s right, Christmas is under attack!!!!! Basically, you've got this country split up into 3 parts; the 95% who celebrate Christmas because it is a religious Holiday, or because they believe in Santa Clause and reindeer land, then there's the 4% who are in video game land smok’n crack all day and really don't care what they believe in or what happens to our country or what the word reality means, and then you've got this 1% or less of Christmas Grinches out there who just despise Christmas and are doing all they can to steal it away from you! And they're actually being noticed to!!!!!....At least I think they are....It might just be me.....I hope I'm not scitsofrenic?! Anyway, kind of reminds you of that famous story that was made into a famous movie with a famous song called "You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch".....If I could only remember the name of that story...................

All right so lets go back to that 1% or less group of Grinches who say this is a free country, and they have the right to practice any religion they deem fit as long as they don't kill people or crash planes into buildings...(which also kills people). Ok agreed so far, I have absolutely no problem with that. But then they start saying that us 95% "Jesus" and "Reindeer Land" believers are forcing our religious beliefs on them by saying stuff like Merry Christmas or God bless you (for sneezing) or even celebrating the world wide holiday Christmas. You know, when you put your lights up, decorate your tree, and then Santa comes and gives all the good people presents and bad people coal. Or maybe you sit around a nativity scene and pray all day. (Note: that last line rhymed "Pray all Day", what am I doing these days turning into a poet? *Sheesh*.) Well, however you celebrate that really cool holiday...that 1% of Christmas Grinches are offended by it, and will stop at nothing until you stop, or get stopped by the government. They even want to pass an amendment that bands our happy, harmless, holiday Christmas. Just think, no pretty trees, no colorful Christmas lights to stare at when you come home from work or Mars, or wherever you come from, there will be no lights to stare at. No presents!!!!!!! The best part of Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, how is putting up Christmas lights, trees, singing Christmas carols, and wishing someone a Merry Christmas implying your religious beliefs on someone else? How is wishing someone a Merry Christmas offending? I'd really like to know. Maybe these Christmas haters just don't like the Christ part. Ah, so I see, they're racist against Christians now. Auh....So 1% of this country or less, is trying to get rid of a holiday that’s been around for quite a while now because it has the word Christ in it? Come on, get a life you morons. Your not going to get anything accomplished for a couple reasons: (1.) We have a majority rule in this country, (2.) 95% of this country is not going to back down to a couple of racists, and (3.) because our country was founded on Judaic Christian beliefs....There is proof in every document our founding fathers created. Sure you can
believe what ever you want, but except the facts! If you don't like the Christ part in Christmas than don't celebrate it!!! Why should almost the whole country quit celebrating Christmas because some very small minority hates Christ?!!!!! Go move to there a country that doesn't celebrate some kind of religious holiday in December? I can't think of any.

If you can think of any drop a comment.


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