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The Year of the Eucharist

 - Joe

"May the Body and Blood of Christ bring me to everlasting life"
--The Mass
Welcome to the new liturgical year (though a bit belatedly perhaps, as it began 5 weeks ago).The Pope has made this year, anno domini MMV, "The Year of the Eucharist". This is a call for all Catholics to remember the gift that we recieve every single week in the Mass, when Heaven is joined to Earth and we participate in the worship of the Saints and Angels. We partake of the Eucharist, the Flesh of Jesus, of which he commanded us "Take, eat, this is my body". If I had an eternity to type this, and you would bear with me for that long, I could not begin to describe this gift. Some of you might be thinking that we Christians are really off our rockers. I cannot help but feel sorry for you who do not know God. Listen, fellas. I can't talk and I know it. The only reason this is coming from my sorry little computer is because God is helping me. I hope he will continue to help me and will help all of you who read this.
In Christ,


some of you may have thought I meant that Catholics worship the saints and angels.


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