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Oh Boy! Another Reality Show -

 - Brian

This time, it's a parody of Gilligan's Island.
The premise of the show is very simple:

THE REAL GILLIGAN'S ISLAND features two complete sets of castaways: two real-life skippers, first mates, millionaire couples, movie stars, farm girls and professors all competing to be the only castaway of his/her kind on the island. Once a series of elimination challenges have whittled the castaways down to one set, they'll work, as the original castaways did in the 1960s sitcom, to get off the island. The show was cast from thousands of people who took part in a nationwide casting call.

Wow, how original. Let's see now, how many OTHER reality shows have the "elimination" theme? I've just counted 3...Wait,4...5! 5 shows.
I've seen an episode or two of this new reality show. I'm not impressed. It has no similarities to the original Gilligan's Island what so ever. Just take a bunch of snobbish people, dress them up, and then send them to an island to reenact many of the original show's scenarios.
The only difference between the reality show and the original is apparent:
The people in the original version actually had likeable personalities. They were funny, witty, and smart. The people of the Real Gilligan's Island are stuck up, argumentative, grumpy, rude, nasty, vile, and just not nice to watch.
It's basically a cynical rehash of the REAL Gilligan's Island.

read more 'bout it here.

TBS, very stupid!


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