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New Plan For Bush And War............

 - Pete

Ok first, I'm pretty sick and tired of watching, or listening to the news, when all I here is that our Marines and Army are getting massacred every single day. There comes a time (in my analysis) when you have to unleash your ultimate military force on your enemy in war, 'sort of speak'.
Get my drift?

See, we are barely using our air force, and we are not even touching our Navy...Not to mention hundreds and thousands of very powerful weapons sitting in our attic collecting dust! Meanwhile 5-10 U.S.A. Marines die every day!!!!! And there is bound to have another hostage beheaded again any day now, and "Osama Bin Coward" released another video tape yesterday saying he is going to attack the oil somewhere in Saudi Arabia....What are we waiting for?!!!!!!!!!!!! Our ground force is growing very thin.
Now don't start calling me a "Left Winging Liberal", nor am I saying we should pull out of Iraq and leave a mess standing there. What I'm saying is that we can't just sit here and let OUR ground force go to pot, while we could easily send THEIR ground force to pot.

Now here are my solutions, unlike them Dems who just wine and complain about the war without giving any ideas besides pull out now, and elect some long faced socialist looser who undermined our troops back in the 70's... and don't let me get started on that.

New Plan for Bush

If Rumsfield can't get anything somewhat organized by the time the elections come around, then he needs to go.

New Plan For War

And then here's what we do, since I heard that Osama is suspected to be hiding somewhere around the Iran border, we should say if they don't stop making WMDs and tell us where Osama is, then we're going to send Iran to Pluto. And just incase he is not hiding somewhere around the Iran border; we should say to Afghanistan that, if they don't help us find Osama, then we will send them to planet K-Pax. Or maybe he is hiding in a hole in the ground in Iraq like Sadam and we have yet to find him. Anyway where ever he is, we need to make the Middle East help us find him, otherwise we will blow the whole Middle East to mars. If the middle east is to stuck up to have freedom then that’s fine but the U.S. needs to protect their own freedom and if that means sending the middle east to Saturn...than that means sending the middle east to Saturn!!!!!!! Get what I'm saying? Good.

Oh, and I'm taking a pull here on BlogHogger, should Rumsfield go, or should he stay? Just leave a comment.


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