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Some bad news...

 - James

For whoever reads this, I have someone for you to put on your prayer list. That person is my grandpa. No, he's not sick or anything, but this is almost as bad. To tell you what's wrong, I'll back up about...well, a long time, well before I was born, in any case. My grandpa is 70-something years old, and he's still not retired. The fact that some lazy warthogs are able to retire at 30 but my grandpa can't at 70 really rubs salt in this old wound. Anyway...where was I? Okay, my grandpa, since loong before I was born, has been having to run this lousy old mobile home community. I don't think he wanted the job in the first place, it was more or less thrust upon him. For years, he's been trying to sell the place, which has become a nasty sort of pigpen to have to run, but, considering it's condition, no one's been wanting to buy it. Finally, though, someone's decided they'll buy it, and when the sale was inches away from closing, some city official type morons decided to drop the bombshell. Back up some more...When my grandpa first had this property thrown upon him, it was in Seattle. Since then, someone got it into his head to change the city limits, so for the last 10 years the place has been in Tukwila. Back to where we were...So, these city official guys from Tukwila brought the closure of the sale to a screeching halt. I'm not entirely sure how, but it has something to do with passing a law that will make my grandpa unable to sell the property. EVER. He'll have it until he's DEAD if they pass that law. Then you know what'll happen? That property will become my DAD'S responsibility, and that will SUCK. So, all you Christian (or Muslim, or Jewish, or whatever, I don't care) readers out there please keep my grandpa in your prayers, and those city official idiots, too. Pray that they'll get their God-given sanity and goodwill back, and stop trying to pass that law!


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