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 - Brian

I am SO sick and tired of listening to whinny liberals complaining that Bush won. I can understand their disappointment, but I cannot stand their complaints.

THE most obnoxious compliant would be: "Now that Bush has won the election, I'll probably move to another country."

THEN MOVE. When spewing this statement out of your mouth, please think to yourself, "Who am I trying to impress? Who really cares?"
Good question I might add. A question of this nature needs a relevant response. Hmm, let's see CARES, MOVE ALL READY!! I nor any of my friends and relatives care that you are moving. If you want to move, MOVE. Don't annoy us with this compliant any longer.
Are you that ashamed of the United States of America that you're willing to leave it? Sheesh.

Then there are the celebrities...
if you have had access to a computer, a television, newspaper, or reality in general in the last few months, then you have heard all the brain-dead celebs stating that, "If Bush wins, I'm moving." sounds familiar, eh?
Multiple celebs through out the USA have promised us they would move IF Bush was reelected. Well, he is, and I don't see you moving.
I actually hope you move, traitor.

Then there's me...
If John Kerry was elected instead of President Bush, then that would be a small loss. Why would I want to give up all that America has to offer just because some democrat with a long chin was elected president? I could deal with it, I aint no pansy.
I'm proud of this country, even if a messed-up president is running it. If I was a liberal, I wouldn't chicken out just because a (*makes the sign of the cross*) conservative was elected.

So the moral of the post is:

Don't be a liar. If you have stated that you would move to another country if Bush was elected, than please carry out your promise. Thank you.

If you happen to be serious about moving, I can direct you to some pretty exotic countries.

1)China: If you have a strong hatred for Bush, and a strong desire to stamp "made in China" print on the butts of GI Joes (and any other American product), then China's right for you.

2)Russia: Russia is a must see. You will be fascinated by the overall poverty rate. Heck, you might just be able to find your way into a Neo Soviet organization.

3)Iraq: In this little country, you will be dazzled by the bombed buildings, blood-stained sidewalks, and the frequent shoot-outs. There is one problem with this area of enjoyment, and it may just ruin your appetite for this exotic country: American soldiers. Yes, ever since 9/11, they have been plaguing the country with injustice. But be aware, you may even see an American soldier helping a citizen. Just watch out.

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