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In response to comments:

 - Brian

I don't have much time, so I'm going to make my responses brief.

Cliff said:

"lastly, when you say ‘the main reason gay people want to get married is for the health benefits’.. are you an idiot? that is seriously the dumbest thing i have ever heard. you are not gay, you therefore have no idea why a gay couple wants to marry."

Every single gay blog I've visted always raises the complaint of "Striaght married people get health benefits." Besides, why else would homosexuals want to get married? Why would they go to all the trouble of getting married? As a rule, they don't seem too concerned about keeping God's law. Couldn't they live with each other and do whatever comes to mind? Hmmm, let's see now, could it be because heterosexual married couples get extra benifits? Hmmm.

Cliff said:

"in this day in age, marriage by the state, which is what we talk about when we talk about gay marriage, is an artificial institution."

Um, Cliff, the state does not give us the right to marriage, nor does it have any right to redefine marriage. The state simply recognizes the human institution, that is, recognizes it legally. Marriage was around WAY before the state.

Cliff said:

"first, you state that marriage is older than religion. where do you get this ‘fact.’ if you believe that religion is predated by anything then how do you use God or christian values in your argument."

I am sorry I wasn't clear in my statement. I forgot that my audience did not consist of Catholics only. I meant that marriage existed before any orginized religion (Islam/Mohammed, Christianity/Jesus or Judaism/Moses/Abraham).

Cliff said:

"and furthermore, if you base everything on scientific fact then religion would surely be in trouble. wasn't it the church who had problems with evolution and with the fact that the earth revolved around the sun?"

Evolution is the essiance of junk science. We have no evidance that man (or any other creature) evolved from anything. Prove me wrong. Very few people in the Middle Ages understood that the earth revolved around the sun. When the evidence was presented, the Church was happy to see it. (If you're referring to Galileo, the problem was over his theological conclusions, not his actual science.)

GOB said:

"Now THERE is the catholic hate against everything-different that I remember from my own childhood!

Thank you, Brian, for trivializing the lives of so many. I'm sure the Pope would be proud.

God bless your parents, too."

I never even implied I hated homosexuals. I don't. The Church forbids hating anyone.

Cliff said:

"we are a free country which people founded because they were being persecuted by the church."

James said:

"Actually, Cliff, this country wasn't founded by people trying to escape the church. Not the Catholic Church, anyway. The Pilgrims were mainly radical Protestants AND CATHOLICS who were trying to escape from the Anglican Church (at that time in England I believe it was illegal to practice any religion but Anglican). Just a little history lesson.
Oh, and I thank you for trying to give Catholicism the credit for being the catalyst that started America. You flatter us, Cliffie, you really do (*giggles in a rather ditzy way*)."

Greate point, James. This country was founded by Christians (mostly Protestants) on their understanding of basic Christian principles. (Let's try not to judge seventeenth & eighteenth century people by twenty-first century standards.)

Well, I gotta go, so hang in there.


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