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Halo 2 and an update on the latest video games released....

 - Pete

Well today, wait, no actually yesterday, I was surfing the web as usual, then all of the sudden....BOOM!!! An ad came up saying that, "Halo 2 is out"!!!!!!! And just in case you people haven't a clue what Halo 2 is.... it is the sequel to the very successful "only for Xbox" video game, with astonishing graphics, Halo. Yep, number 2 is finally here!!!!! With even better graphics!!!
Is that possible? I was amazed when I saw Halo's graphics, but number 2 is just incredible!!!
I will not reveal the plot, because I don't wan't to ruin it for you. But I can guarantee you it is one of the best plots you will ever get in a video game.

Halo 2 is out only for PC and Xbox, which kind of stinks, but oh well. Its still a great game, and arguably the best video game ever created. It received an overall grade 9.4, which is almost perfect!!!!!! Yes, this is definitely really good news for die hard Halo fans. You can get more information about the game at, or

Also, coming pretty soon is Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2. The actual sequel to the strategic, covert-ops, highly praised, realistic military game Ghost Recon that was released in 2002.
Over the year and a half, they have released value packs and extended sanarios to this game like; Ghost Recon: Island Thunder and Ghost Recon:Jungle Storm, but never an actual sequel. Well here it is!!! Now, I've been waiting especially for this game, since I'm a highly state of the art, die hard fan of the first Ghost Recon, and realistic covert-ops video games.
Now, this is a totally new style. First, from the screen shots I've seen at it has some highly state of the art graphics, it is third person (which will be a little different), and you can't swich from different soldiers (you are only one guy throughout the game, but you still command the two teams-Alfa and bravo), there are at least 50 new weapons including the new very effective XM8 assault rifle. Ghost Recon 2 might be similar to the very successful Socom: U.S. Navy Seal games. (Another favorite of mine).

And just in case, here are some new releases I strongly recommend:

  • A new Medal Of Honor game, Medal Of Honor: Pacific Assault(grade 8.3 overall).
  • Rome: Total War, a game like Age of Empires except way better graphics( 9.1 overall grade).
  • Star wars: Battlefront (7.9)
  • Full Spectrum Warrior, a strategic urban realistic warfare game that takes place in Iraq(7.7).
  • thief: Deadly Shadows a sneaky middle ages game(8.3).
  • And last but not least, Sly Cooper 2: Band of thieves, man I just love the sly cooper games.(8.4)

You can get more information about these games at


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