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Scott Peterson Finally Convicted.

 - Brian

The latest news is: SCOTT PETERSON WAS FINALLY CONVICTED FOR MURDER! I don't mean to sound "happy" or joyful, but I was kind of hoping that would happen....Yeah, I know, I'm PURE evil --B'wahahahahahah!

Well, anyway, I found his case to be most interesting actually--that is, thought provoking. Did you notice how the courts counted Scott's unborn child a murder victim? I don't get it...
See what I mean when I say that the law cannot be trusted when it comes to "defining a human being?" I'm glad that the courts actually counted Laci's unborn child as a murder victim. That's justice. I just don't understand why they can't relate to abortion that way...I mean, does it really matter if it's a pill, a gun, or surgery that kills the baby? The fact is abortion is murder, plain and simple. It seems to me that the law simply changes their stance on life when it suits them best. Just think about that for a while...

Also, Scott Peterson could get the death penalty. Whatever. The death penalty is to "nice." I think he should be locked away in solitary confinement for the rest of his life. When I mean "solitary confinement," I mean the following:

1. No interaction with any other human being(s).

2. Very limited food. Only breakfast and dinner.

3. No toilet. He'll have to improvise.

4. No smoking.

5. No changes of cloths.

6. Limit breakfast and dinner to soy products.

7. A laptop (w/ internet access) that only displays Blog Hogger.

There. Do you think that's too harsh? I don' least not for the kind of crime he committed.
Tha's all I have to say, so later folks.

After I read my post again, I felt I was sending the wrong message. I have made some corrections in my post.


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