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Who is better for leading our country, Bush or Kerry?

 - Pete

I think I aroused another argument on Bloghogger. So if anyone wants join and leave some important facts or ideas or even opinions please do. The subject is, who is better for leading our country, Bush or Kerry. And remember the following: No profanity, no insults, and try to keep your facts and statistics accurate. And I'll try to stop the insults myself, and if I go to far, just give me a nodge, and I'll com down. Cuz, I can get pretty "roused up" in arguments sutch as these.

There, now that's settled.

Now here's my opinion on why John Kerry is a danger to our country. And, if you don't believe any of my statistics or facts you can look them up yourself and prove me wrong. Fare enough?

First, GodofBiscuits says that, Bush got daddy to get him out of fighting in Vietnam. That could be true, but no one really knows. Secondly, even if that is true, that means that Bush Sr. was a good father and wanted his son to have a future in life, wrather than risk his neck in one of the most bloodiest wars in American history next to the civil war. Thust, Bush was given an honorable discharge. I respect Bush for that, and everyone else should to.

Third, Kerry volunteered to fight in the Vietnam War and serve his country. I also respect Kerry, for this to. But, that does not mean that he is qualified to be America's commander and chief.

Fourth, I would rather focus on what Kerry and Bush's policies are, than what they did 30 years ago, to determine if they are qualified to lead my country.

Last, I would not vote for Kerry for the following reasons:
  1. Kerry supports abortion, which is killing a baby before it is born, that's murder isn't it?
  2. Kerry really does not have a plan for Iraq and fighting the war on terror, he says he does, but has he actually told you his plan?
  3. Kerry supports embryonic stem cell research which is taking cells from a baby when it is only a few cells old. That is immoral and similar to abortion.
  4. Kerry would raise taxes, which would hurt the economy.
  5. He would also prefer that the government use your money, instead of yourself.

These are 5 accurate reasons why John Kerry is a danger to our country. If you disagree with me and if you can prove me wrong, I don't think you can, but if you want to try than please do.


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