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Blog Hogger Movie Review:

 - Brian

The Incredibles

Yesterday, I went to see the movie that has everyone talking. Yes, I saw The Incredibles. The title of this movie is pretty self-explanatory. It was incredible! I loved it! I loved the plot, the animation, the humor, and a majority of everything else.

The Plot
Mr. Incredible was just one super hero out of many. He spent his hero days solving problem, after problem, after problem. He then went and got hitched to some elastic-like women. Due to lawsuits, the heroes had to retire. Years later, Mr. Incredible and his wife were (almost) happily married. They had 3 kids and Mr. Incredible had a boring job. However, Mr. Incredible still had a unrealistic dream of returning to his old (and exciting) career. All seemed hopeless until he received a message from a secret agency who demanded his return to the hero occupation (they also agreed to give him descent pay $$$). Throughout the months, he kept his new occupation a secret, until he discovered the agency's real agenda. They agency was owned by one of Mr. Incredible's insane fans, Syndrome. Syndrome's agenda was to kill every single former super hero there was, and make himself the one and only "savior." Well, Mr. Incredible was next on his list.
After he was captured, his wife caught on to his secret. Her, along with the rest of the family, went to save the day.
At the end, the family was reunited more than ever, and the need for super heroes continued.


The humor in this movie was gut-busting. Some well placed action scenes contributed to the humor.
The animation in this film is AMAZING. The animation earned this movie the title of "incredible."
Also, the characters in this movie are just plain fun to watch.


Personally, I found some of the "mushy, kissy-kiss" love scenes to be, well, obnoxious.
What!? There weren't any rappers! What's a good movie without some good ole' rappers. Heck, they should have made a plot based on "Rapper Man." Just kidding.

Well, anyhoo, the movie was great. This is a must-see.


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