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Goth Poetry Reviews:

 - Brian

If you have been reading this blog for the last few months, you've noticed that I have very little tolerance for goths or their garbage poetry.
Don't get me wrong, I DON'T hate goths, I just hate the gothic style, the gothic attitude, the gothic poems, and everything else gothic. In my humble opinion, goths are just a bunch of bored teenagers who get together to try to act different and creepy. I don't buy the "depressed" stuff for a moment.
Yes, that's right, you have read the title correctly. I will now attempt to rate goth "poetry."

This bit of poetry came from this joker. This peom is titled "The Blackest Tears." NOTE: I didn't post all of it. If you want to see the rest, click the link above.

All those thoughts inside my head,
All the reasons which I have bled.
Nothing hurts me more right now,
Then knowing I cannot bleed somehow.

Mother stole my angel tools away,
I cannot bleed not now, not today.
Darkest tears fell down last night,
I wanted to bleed, no longer fight.

Collapsed down against my cold wall,
No one can break my downwards fall.
Screaming thoughts inside my mind,
Please just let my wires unwind.

Smothered in your wall of protection,
All I see is the pain in my reflection.

That's the lamest bit of stupidity I have ever seen. "All the reasons which I have bled..." HAHAHAHAHA!! Well, maybe if you stopped trying to cut yourself with a knife, you wouldn't bleed. Ever thought of that? By the way, I don't believe this guy is THAT depressed. He's just one out of a hundred goths pretending to be hated and depressed.

I'll give it an F-

This poem is done by "goth girl." Once again, I didn't post it all, but this is basically what it is:

everything falls in place 10
like the orbs of slate 11
staring from her face 12

each fingertip enameled in black 13
silver and ebony in her ears 14
tattooed spider webs upon her back 15

to the sun-drenched soul 16
she’s an enigma 17
skin of cotton, hair of coal 18

underneath her skin so fair 19
mystic blue veins bury deep 20
secrets in her lair...

Blah, blah, blah. More of the same. Miserable rejects attempting poetry. What's there to say? I'll say one thing, it's as dull as heck. It's basically describing gothic fashion (something we have all seen numerous times).

This receives a stunning F-


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