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Somebody call the Waahmbulance

 - James

To all Democrats/liberals/Kerry-supporters-in-general who accepted the outcome of the election without severe bawling, I extend my thanks and congratulations, for being such good sports about it. Unfortunately, not all of you are like that.
Anyhoo, on to my point. A little while after the election ended, some poor Democrat with nothing better to do created a website called At first, the website was a big apology to the world for allowing Bush to win the White House (and just how much could he have done, other than vote for Kerry, which I'm sure he did?). I guess his specialty was a photo of himself holding a sign with some sort of sappy apology to the world written on it, and he invited people to submit similar photos. Since it began,'s popularity has exploded with stupefying speed. Hundreds of photos like his were submitted, and the gist of all of them was "Bush is an idiot, he's going to kill us all, and I'm sorry I didn't do something about it."
Like I said, just how much could they have done? Not much, short of voting and/or asassination.
And I must object to the global opinion on the site that Bush is a power hungry war-monger who's going to send the world screaming towads Armageddon. Yes there was/is a war in Iraq, but guess what? War happens. Yes, innocent people have been killed, but guess what? That happens. Yes, it is regrettable, but it's not that extraordinary. Let me ask a question. In response to the attacks on Pearl Harbor, Franklin Roosevelt got the U.S. into World War 2, but I've rarely heard him called a war-monger. Likewise, in response to the 9/11 attacks, Bush got us into the war on terrorism. In my opinion, both these Presidents were facing similar situations, but one is hailed as a great President for that and another is called a bloodthirsty maniac. Sometimes, people, bad things happen, and we need to respond to them when they do. None of us were ever in the President's place, we don't know what determined his decision, so calling him a war-monger isn't very fair.
Anyway, as if this post isn't long enough, following are some samples of the "foine art" shown on Sorry Everybody:

Image Hosted by
Me*, an idiot?!?!?

Image Hosted by
That's it, smile for the camera. Nice hair, too.

Image Hosted by
Yes, I'm wallowing in shame. And I already gave my opinion on the war-mongering thing, Munchkin Man.

Image Hosted by
If I could see some actual tears, I'd be more convinced.

Image Hosted by
That's real sweet. Might I ask where the parents are?

Image Hosted by
You look young, I'm assuming you would be alive in 4 years. When the bombs start dropping, I'll be right there beside you, wailing my head off. Until then, here's a lollipop. Now be quiet.

And now, for the moment you've all been waiting for: This is James Powers, signing off (or is it "signing out"?)
*Yeah, I know, I'm too young to vote, but I still supported Bush, so I guess I count as "an idiot".


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