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History? What History?

 - Pete

I'm sitting here listening to the news on the radio.....And as I listen, I'm being told that teachers, in public schools, can't talk about the history behind thanksgiving because it involves the word God.

This is just plain RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Regardless if you are atheist, catholic, protestant, Buddhist, Mormon, Muslim, Lutheran, gay, Lesbian, bi-sexual, Hungarian, German, John Kerry, or even George W. Bush, Thanksgiving is an American Holiday. There for, it is part of our history. And our teachers have every God given right to teach about it. And last time I checked, history was one of the subjects taught in our schools. The pilgrims(who just happened to be Christian[?]) and thanksgiving, is part of our American history. If you disagree with the pilgrims faith, that's all well and good, you have a right to, but that doesn't mean that teachers can't tell you who were the first ones here and how are country was founded just because they so happened to believe in God.

If you liberals or Atheists Don't like this, than what the heck are you doing in my country?!!!!!
Why don't you just go move to china or something?
Go join Osama Bin Laden and his "Holy War" against America...He needs some help by the way.
Go explore the seven seas and find your own continent and maybe start your own country!!!!

Just leave mine alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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