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Gay Marriage.

 - Brian

Yes, I know, it's a controversial subject, but it still needs to be discussed.
First, I think a lot of people don't understand the meaning of marriage. To tell you the truth, marriage as been around even before RELIGION!! If that ain't old, then I don't know what is.
Marriage is a natural institution, the lasting union of a man and a woman who agree to give and recieve rights over each other for the performance of the act of generation and for the fostering of their mutual love. When a couple gets married, they have an obligation to stay with each other "until death do [them] part." Openness to the begetting of children is also a principal part of this obligation. I'm not saying it's sin if you don't have kids, I'm just saying that having children is one of the main reasons for getting married. If it isn't, then why do people who don't believe in morals and/or God even bother to get married? Is it because of the health insurance benefits and other such privileges? If so, then you are getting married for the wrong reason. In today’s society, marriage is not being taken seriously. I could not believe the divorce statisitics I once saw.
For a lot of people, marriage is a "thing to do," not a commitment.
One of the pro-"gay marriage" arguments is, "If marriage is so sacred, then why do so many people divorce each year? Why not give the gays a turn at it?" Marriage is supposed to be sacred; unfortunately many people do not consider it that way. If you think marriage is going down the toilet, then why completely destroy it? Why not try to it better?
Pro-"gay marriage" people also like to state how unfair it is that heterosexual people can get health benefits etc. because they are married. Married people receive benefits as a reward for possibly having kids (having children benefits society, right?). The majority of married people in the United States of America (or anywhere else for that matter) are able to have children. That's why married couple get health benefits.
Marriage also has to involve love. I mean really, don't you think you'd have to love the person you are (supposedly) going to spend the rest of your life with?

As I was saying earlier, marriage is an old tradition that has been practiced since the begining of time. The state shouldn't try to interfere with this tradition. What right does the state have to do that? Some gay people say, "What right did the state have to abolish slavery? It was going on for thousands of years as well."
When arguing in favor of "gay marriage," homosexuals like to compare its prohibition with slavery. There are major differences between slavery and homosexual "marriage".

First, slavery is a dangerous and deadly injustice.

Second, someone’s ethnicity is much different from his or her sexual preferences. Ethnicity (or race) has nothing to do with determining a person's behavior. Homosexuality doesn't describe who you ARE, but what you DO. Everyone has different preferences and tastes. But these can't be the basis for a permanant relationship with another person. That sounds more like a club membership than a marriage.

As far as I can tell, the main reason gay people want to get married is for the health benefits etc...
Why else then would they want to get married? It can't be for having children.

I'm sorry if I have seriously offended anyone in this post. If so, please donate $30 to me.


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