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BUSH WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 - Brian

Yes, I know you have been expecting this post...Well, IT'S HERE!!

I am proud to announce that PRESIDENT BUSH WON THE ELECTION!!!!! Thank you God. I watched John Kerry and John Edwards make their concession speech. I have to give them credit for their speeches. They were *extremely* well done. Kerry also reminded his fellow democrats not to make life difficult for republicans. He stated that Bush won fair and square. Way to go Kerry, that was noble of you.
To tell you the saddening truth, I actually feel a little sorry for Kerry.

Well, I'm sure many democrats and liberals are extremely upset and disappointed Prez. Bush won. That goes without saying.
Thank God that Bush won. Pray that 2005-2008 will benefit America greatly.

And remember,

GOD bless America!!!!!

P.S, Bush is the first president since 1988 to win more than 50% of the popular vote. Way to go.


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