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 - James

Not 5 minutes ago, my dad just got finished on this thing (the computer), researching a strange tidbit he heard on NPR. The basic gist of what he heard was a piece about this guy named Akin Fernandez who started a project called the Conet Project, investigating this weird sort of...phenomena, for lack of a better word...called Numbers Stations. Number Stations are basically shortwave radio stations (in other words, you can't just pick them up on your radio at home, you need special equipment) that play strange music that sounds like a mixture of a music box and a synthesizer. Eventually, the music in the broadcast goes into the background, and into the foreground comes this weird voice rattling off a string of totally random numbers. You can hear it for yourself here (click on the headline, close to the bottom of the page, that says "Music by the Numbers Stations").

Apparently this has become a bit of a hot topic over in Britain, although it isn't so big here in the U.S. There's been lots of speculation about what the heck these broadcasts are. The one that most makes sense to me is that it's a code between spies. The numbers, obviously, are the code, and the music in the background is supposedly a sort of signature from whoever's sending the broadcast.
P.S. If this post was total gibberish to you (took me a while to understand this stuff), maybe this page explains the Conet Project better. If you still don't get it, Google it and try coming up with something that makes more sense.


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