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Listen for Silence

 - James

I just read an interesting little thing in today's paper. Apparently, today, April 13, is the "Day of Silence". On this day, pro-gay/pro-lesbian/pro-bisexual students all over the nation will spend the school day totally silent, thus voicing their support for gay rights in schools; that is, the same rights for gay students as there are for straight students.
My question, though: What are these rights that gay (and etc.) students are so deprived of? The gay agenda (or whatever you want to call it) has received lots of support across the country, or, at least, in the important places, such as college campuses. The education system throughout the country tends to be pretty liberal (if it isn't, then why is evolution so readily taught while creationism is having such a freakin' hard time?), and the pro-gay folks hold a lot of power. I highly doubt any school would want to discriminate against their gay students, for fear of the ACLU swooping down on them like so many vultures.
So what discrimination are gay students suffering? I highly doubt that they're taking any flak from teachers. I suppose, if anything, it's verbal (sometimes physical, even) abuse from their fellow students. If this is the case, this is truly too bad. However, if people are working to rid gay students of this in their school lives, why don't they work to rid the nerds of it, too? Or the poor kids? Or the rich kids? Or the outspoken Christian kids? Or the Jewish kids? Or Muslim kids? I could go on and on.
I suppose I do believe homosexuals should have the same rights as anyone else (with the exception of marriage, obviously--and please don't start, GOB, we've covered this topic so thouroughly already), but they certainly shouldn't have more rights than anyone else, correct? All you fairness-loving liberals out there have no choice but to agree with me.


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