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PPFA's havin' a cow...

 - James

Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed a bill that makes it illegal for minors to be taken into other states where the law for parental consent for abortions isn't in effect. This is another step in the right direction. As President Bush (of course, nothing he says is ever of any importance, 'cuz he's just a warmongering monkey who sometimes *gasp* uses improper grammar and other atrocities, after all) said:

The parents of pregnant minors can provide council, guidance, and support to their children and should be involved in these decisions

Yeah. What he said. Even if you're a rabid pro-choicer, you have to admit that a parent's consent not being required for abortions is simply ludicrous. An abortion is a major surgery, and a parent not knowing about it is, well...stupid. As many people have said before, why is it that a student has to ask permission just to get an ibuprofen or aspirin, but can go and get a dangerous surgery on the sly? Hmmm...?


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