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Habemus Papam!

 - Joe

Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, former dean of the college of cardinals, has been elected through the Holy Spirit to become Pope Benedict XVI, the 264th successor of Saint Peter. As a close friend of John Paul II, Pope Benedict should be able to steer the Church quite ably during his reign.

As a warning to any residual "progressive" dissenters, doctrine will not change. Priests will be confined to men, and celibate men at that (hold your fire, GoB, I know it's not dogma!), artificial contraception will continue to not be a moral option in family planning, condoms will not be used in the fight against HIV/AIDS, killing unborn babies will still be intrinsically evil, liberation theology or anything that smacks of communism is still a grave infraction of civil rights. I expect that the whole of JP2's message will continue under Benedict XVI.

Why will this agenda continue? For the simple fact that no one on this earth has the power to change doctrine. We belive we have received these teachings from the apostles, and we certainly can't change that.The Pope is only the guardian of these teachings, and he cannot change the smallest letter or the smallest part of the letter in this law.



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